Imperfect feminism and Beyonce.


I guess you could say I’m a fan of this.


Here’s why.

Her feminism might not be my feminism, and my feminism might not be yours, but for reals this is a big moment for feminism. We have an ambassador deep in the trenches of sexist pop culture. Beyonce is one of the biggest pop icons of our generation, and she is owning the feminist label, and it’s a bloody wonderful thing to see.


One of the ongoing conversations I have with other feminists is how crap we are at being feminist, or how hard it is being feminist, or don’t tell anyone but I really enjoy millionaire matchmaker. Feminism is hard. Of course it is. It asks us to re-evaluate every aspect of our (of course) personal and political lives. Signing up to feminism is signing up to a world of introspection, self doubt, media criticism, relationship critiques and hard struggles and long battles- and that’s just with ourselves. I have honestly cleared rooms at parties talking about gang rape.Gang rape. At parties…I know, right? Sure, no-one wants to listen to that, but do you know how tiring it is being the person SAYING these things? It’s exhausting, unrewarding and everyone rolls their eyes at you. Bleugh. But being a crap feminist allows you to engage and live in the world. We might want to revolutionise it, but on our way there, we need to exist in it.  We’re all hypocrites and trying not to be is exhausting. It’s draining and takes us away from the bigger battles and minimises how awesome we are at being good feminists (volunteering as support workers/getting involved in grass roots campaigns/believing and supporting survivors/sharing our experiences/listening to each other). Let’s celebrate being crap feminists and give ourselves a break now and then. We do good things.

So yeah, Beyonce might have some dodgy lyrics and she sure loves a leotard (which, personally I would make official feminist wear, but that’s just me) but she is a feminist, a role model and a pop culture leader. Feminist high five to her for owning it with pride.

Check out Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay for all your crap feminist needs

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