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Bored of this (rape myth) now

This post originally appeared on The F Word

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas lights are on, the shops are heaving and we need to start watching our drinks in pubs. Police Scotland have launched their seasonal “don’t take risks” campaign with an ad about drink spiking and protecting yourself. Sure, it doesn’t mention the R word, but it’s all about not leaving your drink unattended because… if it’s not about rape then I don’t know? Someone might drink it?

I’m getting pretty sick of writing/talking/arguing that preventing rape isn’t actually the victim’s responsibility. But here we are, talking about drink spiking and protecting your drink. Seriously, police, stop it. I know you’ve got so much better at this not blaming victims thing, after all, you tell us often enough that women should come forward and report crimes, but really… you are not doing yourself any favours with this.

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Mom dancing

This playlist originally appeared on BitchMedia Sick of incy wincy spider? Can’t deal with gross-out sexualised pop? Well this is the mixtape for you! Body positive, feminist-ish, happy dancing times for you and your family to get down to Track List: You Got Me  – Sleeper Dancing With Myself – The Donnas I’m So Excited – Le Tigre Girls just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper Independent Women … Continue reading Mom dancing

Abortion, devolution and family: Pro-choice primer.

This post originally appeared on Education for Choice 

Calling all pro-choicers! In case you missed it, a potential shift of power happened in the UK this week. But as it only concerns women’s bodies, it didn’t quite get the coverage it should have done. Blink and you’ll miss it, but Scotland may take control of a women’s right to choose. Abortion law may be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. This is huge. HUGE. 

The process of this and the reasons for this have been covered elsewhere, so now we know what some of the pitfalls might be, and whilst we acknowledge that women’s bodies are yet again a political football, let’s put that aside for one moment and get cracking and get organised. We can’t afford to wait for it to happen, and sit and watch our law makers debate whether or not they will make laws about our bodies and the bodies of people we love/work with/know in passing/share a sense of humanity with, we have to start lobbying now.

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People! Why not try politics?

This post originally appeared on Women 50:50
Ever feel like your voice doesn’t matter? That the political system isn’t for you? Why not try this particular period of time! With added women, LGBT rights and constitutional debate, this political culture may be for you. Hurry, while stocks last!
Ok so that might be overselling it-watered down minority rights anyone? But there are and have been and will be massive changes in politics. Maybe….

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Let’s throw a [women’s equality] party!

Today the Women’s Equality Party announced it’s new leader- Sophie Walker. And on Friday, I joined the organising committee of the Edinburgh branch. The Women’s Equality Party- or #WE- is a party aiming to field candidates in the next general election, and is a fully bona fide membership based, change ori entated political group. Policy is currently being developed and local branches are springing up all over. It’s VERY EXCITING

#WE believes that it’s about time that mainstream politics took equality seriously, that we need to actively end violence against women, enhance women’s representation at work, tackle shared parenting and childcare, build education for women and girls, look at how the media represent us and finally get paid for the work women do. This shouldn’t be radical- but it is. And that is why we need it. Continue reading “Let’s throw a [women’s equality] party!”

The one where MRA’s miss the point and end up making up words instead.

Every day’s a learning day, and today I learnt the words Menscriminate and meninisim. These words were brought to you by the letters M, R and A. These lovely posters make quite clear that it’s menscrimination (what even is that word) against men to have women only transport, hair dye, door openings and boobs- I think? Maybe? I lost their point in all the lolling I did. Continue reading “The one where MRA’s miss the point and end up making up words instead.”